21 February 2010

Very Busy month

Hello everyone! The first six weeks of the new year 2010 has been so busy I never had a chance to login to my blog and had even forgotten my password. It is funny and not funny at the same time. Funny in the sense that I could not login to my own site because I forgot my access and not funny because I never was able to write something or anything about Soft Treasures or any of my favourite topics. Well, am back once again my good friends and I hope you will come back regularly to read about what is exciting and new according to mix1head.

First, we have started our "biggest loser" competition (has been going on now for 6 weeks) and what has started to be fun is now becoming a real and serious competition for other participants so much so that it is no longer fun. I will have more about this in a separate blog.

The high school reunion went as planned and I had the chance to attend and it was one reunion I will never forget. Memories from the past were rekindled and new memories to treasure. More about this on a separate blog.

New products and new projects to talk about. Come back to know more about them. This time I really will be blogging about it.