29 December 2009

May all your dreams come true in 2010!



23 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year!


07 December 2009

Create your own original work of art with our Color-me-Cards

Handmades for any occasion. Designs printed from my old inkjet printer. Color-me-card Greeting Card Kits for everyone who wants to create their personal work of art. Designs have been selected to make colouring more fun and interesting and make a great keepsake you can be proud of. A real treasure to keep by that special person who receives it.

From the original color-me-card kit, I expanded to the coloring book greeting cards and color-me-wrappers. Color-me-cards are being sold as kits and includes a color-me-card, color-me-wrapper and a pack of mini-crayons. They are also sold individually as a color-me-card only or as a Color-Me-Wrapper only. Color-Me Kits makes great childrens' party favours, great childrens' activity sessions and/or projects. Makes great gifts for this holiday season. Pricing for each item and kit are as follows:

Color-Me-Card only ......... $ 2.50
Color-Me-Wrapper only ... $ 1.25
Color-Me Kit ................... $ 3.25

We have lots of designs available to choose from birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, easter and of course Christmas and more!

For kits, both the color-me-card and the color-me-wrapper have matching designs. The chocolate wrapper can accommodate a 45gms chocolate bar (ie. Aero, Cadbury bars) .

The color-me-card measures 155mm x 110mm folded size. The inside panel is blank to allow you to write your own personal message and be proud of your keepsake. Card comes with a matching standard white envelope.

The color-me-wrapper comes with a 3-block double-adhesive tapes each measuring about an inch. When you are ready to wrap your chocolate bar, all you have to do is removed the white paper from the tape. Tape has already been adhered to the wrapper.

For this Christmas, we have a special offer of 3-in-a-pack color-me-card kits at a special price of $4.50 normally being sold at $5.50. It comes with 3 color-me-cards, 3 color-me-wrappers and a pack of mini-crayons.

Click on the image above to check them out or click here. For more information on these items, please write.

Facebook FarmVille 'bigger than Twitter'

Part of my daily recreational dosage is playing farmville in facebook with my high school classmates....something I never dreamed will ever happen until this facebook phenomenon. Me and my classmates are a part of this "bigger than twitter" thingy.

Facebook FarmVille 'bigger than Twitter'


06 December 2009

Candy Cane Card

There are so many stories about the origin of candy canes. Legend has it that candy canes were created to symbolize Jesus, its shape representing the letter "J" and its color for the purity and blood of Christ. Another story that it was also created as a sweet treat for children who behaved well in church or was also used as a form of identification among Christians during a time of persecution. Fact or fiction, whatever the truth is about candy canes only one thing is certain and that is... a candy cane is probably everyones favourite at Christmas time...as a red and white ornament or as a candy where everyone enjoys tasting.

A handmade candy cane card (cards are printed from my old inkjet printer) with a real and tasteful candy cane that goes with it to give away this Christmas. A card that will surely bring radiant smiles especially among children. Cost only $1.50 including the candy cane. Comes with white envelope. Special discounts are offered for multiple purchases.

For more information on the candycane card or to purchase the item, click on the image above or click here. For special discounts offered, click here.

Message on the card : Look at the Candy Cane. What do you see? Stripes that are red like the blood shed for me. White is for my savior who's sinless and pure. J is for Jesus, my Lord that's for sure. Turn it around and a staff you will see Jesus my Shepherd was born for me!
Original artwork by Cheryl Seslar Designs.