25 November 2009

New Junk

Checkout what I got from work today. Am not just an ordinary crafter....am also a plane collector! A new junk of an Airbus A380, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 747-400 collectible planes and plane fridge magnets. My fridge door is going to have a blast...a fiesta.....become a suspended runway and international airport for my plane collection.



23 November 2009

What are these two words?


These two words are the offspring of our thoughts.



22 November 2009

It's Christmas time once again!

christmas estore

It's never too early...for the Christmas season. The season of giving ! The busiest time of the year ! The time of the year loved most by kids and adults alike...we have a wide selection of Christmas items...handmade products, home decor gifts that is perfect for christmas presents. Buttons, SOY candles, christmas tins and cans, magnets, cards, advent calendars, 2010 calendars great for Christmas party giveaways, as keepsakes for families, special friends or for anyone.
Soft Treasures' christmas e-Store ....come back everyday to checkout new items that we will be posting.



12 November 2009

Because am procrastinating?

Is it because am procrastinating that I tend to think about these things?

Words of the future : Contentment. Happiness

Motto of the present and the future : Be Safe! Be Green!


Where am I?

Hello everyone! Am back and hopefully...regularly blogging again. I wish I could say it will be more than regular blogging.

Where have I been? Well...only one word to describe....procrastinating! 80% procrastinating and also been kind of busy with my normal 9-to-5 job, been doing a lot of sorting and filing at home since I came back from my St Petersburg holiday so I could do my tax which I finally submitted on the last day of the month of October (which was the deadline and I submitted at 11:58pm! haha!).

Watch out for new and exciting items and more interesting blogging! Note that I have not really finished my St Petersburg diary but will be my next blogging project. Got new pictures of how my garden looks like these days. And got new handmade items...handcrafted especially for the coming holidays.