19 September 2009

On my way to St Petersburg!

It has always been my dream to visit St Petersburg, Russia and now am on my way to visit the place. Travelling to the place am not so sure how fun it would be but am looking forward to what I believe would be a very enriching experience.

Watch out for new postings on my St Petersburg trip. Tomorrow, 19th of Sept, would be the start of my journey...a 27-hour flight.



05 September 2009

A solution to my procrastinating....

One thing I noticed that leads one(and that's me) to procrastinate is that I try to be good at things that I am not good at. If only I concentrate on what am good at and make things better at doing them then perhaps I will not be procrastinating.

Being too perfect in everything you do sometimes leads one to procrastinate because if you think you cannot make a perfect item you tend to delay its completion because you think it might be a failure when it is finish.

Just thinking about the number of things to do due to my procrastination is making me feel to procrastinate again so I have decided to do a number of changes in my schedule after work. One is to do small jobs in small bits of time so if I start to go over all the mess I have on my desk perhaps every five minutes for three hours a day, by the end of the week I have cleaned them up(i hope! LOL!).

What is important at the end of the day....is that I am happy!




I have not been really busy...I have been procrastinating... since my last post. My last postdate was the 11th of July 2009. I cant believe that was almost 2 months ago. I kind of just felt lazy doing anything, kept putting things off and just wanted to relax and keep low from almost everything. And because keeping things off didnt seem to bother me at all I didnt realize it has lasted almost 2 months. LOL!

But inspite of my being attacked with procrastination, that still did not stop me from providing the best service to my customers. I still gave them priority when it comes to answering queries, billing and posting their orders but then now looking at my desk I see piles and piles of invoices to be sorted out and filed for tax purposes, lots of emails to go over and see which ones are waiting for new stock or which stocks to order to fill up the orders. I have a garden to clean up, a grass to mow.
I guess this procrastinating thing happens to one sometime in their life.