11 July 2009

For crafters who love coffee

In one my internet browsing moments at work, I found this coffee saying which was relevant to what we were talking about in that particular moment when happily having an enjoyable chatting moment -

Is there life before coffee? There is no life before coffee but life definitely starts after coffee! With enough coffee, anything is possible.



05 July 2009

Storybook about Kids

Are you into scrapbooking? Create a storybook for and about your child. Talk about a great idea and one that will provide memories for a lifetime and beyond.
- Step-by-step instructions to write and create a storybook for a child where he/she (the child) is the main character.
- Uses handcrafting and computer techniques to produce a one-of-a-kind book for a child.

Click here to see more details about this book and on how to purchase the item. Create a project that will be enjoyed by the child and family and friends again and again through the years.

Free to create

As a crafter I am free to create anything I want....because I am a creator.

Japanese Fabric Bags

Japanese designed fabric bags. Makeup bags, purses, fabric book covers and more. This book is in Japanese characters, instructions are in Japanese, it comes complete with patterns and illustrations.

Click here to see more details and on how to purchase the item.

Can I be a Farmer Part 2

A few weeks back I wrote a blog about the possibility of a crafter(that's me) becoming a farmer or 'can I be a farmer' as the blog title goes. Well, it looks like I can be one as long as I keep my focus on it, as long as I know what my priorities are and organize my time well. After five weeks of playing 'Farmville' in facebook, I have risen as a farmer to level 22 and still looking forward to rising to higher levels. I have taken snapshots of my farm for anyone to get a glimpse of the place below. The building, animals, fences, trees and more I earned thru my farming.