30 June 2009


If you are into altering...then don't go away...you are in the right place...for your next "treasure to keep" project !

Dreambox house for ATC's or any keepsake you would like to preserve or showcase any special project you can think of. The DreamBox frame has a stand at the back of the frame for easy table top display and a hook for easy hanging on the wall. A perfect gift for that someone special or dont be too hard on yourself....make it for yourself. Two sizes available. Click on the link below for size information and where to purchase the items -




Life....always an adventure!



Handmade Cards....Handmade Treasures

When you want to give someone special only the best, make it yourself ........or buy something handmade! Share your memories to all those friends and special people around the world.....with our unique selections of paper cards, fabric cards, fabric picture cards, CD cards, pillow cards, 3D-cards, mint cards, badge cards, color-me-cards... and more! All done by hand! And because they are made by hand, some are limited in quantities, some are one-of-a-kind which makes them a real treasure to keep!

Also available are card images to print wonderful cards right from your own computer! All created at 300 DPI for excellent printing! Create beautiful cards, magnets and more with any of these card sets for any occasion.

Come feel free to browse on our wide collection of cards. There might be one or two that will catch your eye! Just click on the link below -

We are offering a special discount between 5% - 15% when purchasing more than 1 card in any type of card combination. Click here for more details on the special discount offer.



28 June 2009

Get creative with buttons.

Wear them in your hat, pin them on your bags , bring a smile to a special friend or anyone, give away as party favours.....they are fun to have.... and a great way to start a button collection.

Whether it is for a birthday for that special little person in your life, family, anniversary, friendship, motivation, creating awareness, student awards and recognitions, sports, music, business promotion, people, hard-to-find designs and/or clip-arts or just about anything you can think of. Browse through our huge selection of ready-to-wear buttons. You may find something that you like or have been wanting to have one but just could not find it.

Our button shop has never had a sale like this before. 25% - 40% off on all items. You dont need a coupon or a code to enter. All discounts will automatically be taken off from the purchase amount in your sales invoice.
A click on the 'Badge e-Shop' link below will take you to our sale shop for all your ready-to-wear button needs.



Find fun and joy in life

I am a crafter but unlike other crafters it is not a full-time hobby for me as I work full-time as a senior business analyst with an airline company during the day. To keep my balance I always try to find fun and joy in my life...in whatever I do. If at the end of the day I didnt feel that happy with what I did or happened at work, I find solace when I come home...with my crafting. If am not quite happy with what I am crafting at home...I look forward to the next day going to work. I always try to find fun and joy in my life and when I do...I always find one. You should do the same thing too. If you love your life....you love yourself.