22 May 2009

Yumcha with friends

Took the day off today from work and had yumcha with a couple of friends whom I have not seen for a while and were not in the last directors luncheon meeting I organize a few weeks ago. Dont be so impressed with the description 'directors luncheon meeting'. This is just how we decided to call it for FUN.
Except for mother nature who could'nt seem to decide whether to give us more rain or sprinkle us with a little dose of sunshine, it was a good lunch and was great catching up with friends for about 3 hours.:-)
Real-life interaction. Work....craft....family....and friends. They may seem ordinary moments to some but they always go along well together for me. Simple pleasures....great treasures. Makes life more interesting and shine.

21 May 2009

What to do to make a little difference in your day?

Answer : Do crafts. Make a quilt. A quilt is a labour of love. Anyone who hugs one or lies in bed with it, gets comforted. :-)

What makes Life

Growing up I learned that Life is what you make of it. I learned that we should take the time to love and appreciate the little things in life. It is the little and simple things that gives life more pleasures... and makes life fulfilled.

Best Things

The best things in life are handmades .....they are made with love!

Take the handmade pledge.

Christmas Advent Calendars

A few selections of advent calendars. Every year we try to come up with new advent calendar designs. Great keepsakes to give at Christmas time for kids and adults alike.
All our fabric calendars are either machine and/or hand quilted, all 100% cotton and double-stitched on the edges. Because they are handmade, quantities are very limited and could be one-of-a-kind. We try to make our quilted advent calendars as fun to use for everyone and sometimes include surprises for kids to enjoy and help them learn how to count or keep track of days in a month and re-usable every Christmas season.

Each calendar comes with quilt labels at the back for you to personalize your messages. As a Christmas Bonus, the dowel is included in your purchase so you can easily hang the advent calendar.
Soft Treasures
.....where creativity comes from the heart.....possibilities are endless.....limited only by one's imagination......


20 May 2009

Look what happens when I get bored

I tweeted on this particular project I ended up making when I got bored - a micro mini doll charm with a bottlecap body complete with legs and arms hanging from a ballchain necklace.
The top bottlecap actually has a message of Happy Birthday written on it. Will make a good birthday present, a wonderful keepsake to hang on the wall...not necessarily wear.

Feel Good

It is natural to feel good….especially when you are crafting! :-)

Mosaic Quilts Collection

Here is a couple of mosaic quilts I have made as part of my quilt collection.

Soft Treasures
.....where creativity comes from the heart.....possibilities are endless.....limited only by one's imagination......

19 May 2009

Showing off my collection

The past few days aside from taking pictures of items that I sell in my website, I have also been busy taking pictures of quilts I have made to show them off here at blogger. These items have never been released, they have been wrapped in plastics and kept in a box. I hope you will like them. If you need to ask anything about any of the quilts feel free to send me a mail or post your question in the comment section.
Enjoy watching them.

Soft Treasures' Quilt Collection

Here are several of Soft Treasures' Quilt Collection.

Soft Treasures
.....where creativity comes from the heart.....possibilities are endless.....limited only by one's imagination......


18 May 2009

Fabric Photoframes - Wonderful keepsakes

Here is something different. Fabric Photoframes. Made of 100% cotton fabrics. Picture framed is protected with a thick clear acrylic sheet. Comes with a free dowel for easy hanging.

For pricing and stock availability click here

Soft Treasures
....where creativity comes from the heart....possibilities are endless....limited only by one's imagination.....


I feel sad....

I feel sad today. I was one of those people who did not received Rudd's economic stimulus. Everyone in the family received a bonus except me. I dont understand why but what to do! Maybe there is something else more rewarding waiting to happen for me. I said to myself...well...money is not everything...just keep on crafting. This way I get consoled.

17 May 2009

Do-it-yourself veggie gardens

Hey, here is something different not only for the 'greenies' but also for those crafters out there who also are into gardening. An article on do-it-yourself veggie gardens and even chooks. Check it out here