27 May 2009

Life is.....

Life is a collection of moments....a patchwork of friends.

26 May 2009

Lots of good books on art quilting just arrived

If you are in a reading mood or looking for good ideas for the next project (handy as we are now in the second half of the year and a good time to start thinking of good projects to make and give away as presents for Christmas), we have several books just arrived on art quilting, embellishments for anything. Click on the book title for more information on each book and on how to purchase the item :

24 May 2009

Quilting, papercrafting and design ideas for inspired minds

We have two(2) new arrivals for this month - Click on the magazine titles to see more details and on how to purchase the item :

May/June 2009 Issue 24

Magazine dedicated to collage, mixed media and artistic discovery. Also covers assemblage, altered books, art dolls, visual art journals, rubber stamping, book arts....anything, perhaps everything you need to know about Fabric Art and Paper crafting...for beginners and experts.

April/May 2009 Issue 38

Fabric embellishing, crazy quilting, beading, silk ribbon work, the popular artist trading cards, punchneedle embroidery, fabric dyeing, or adorning quilts....everything on fabric art.

22 May 2009

Yumcha with friends

Took the day off today from work and had yumcha with a couple of friends whom I have not seen for a while and were not in the last directors luncheon meeting I organize a few weeks ago. Dont be so impressed with the description 'directors luncheon meeting'. This is just how we decided to call it for FUN.
Except for mother nature who could'nt seem to decide whether to give us more rain or sprinkle us with a little dose of sunshine, it was a good lunch and was great catching up with friends for about 3 hours.:-)
Real-life interaction. Work....craft....family....and friends. They may seem ordinary moments to some but they always go along well together for me. Simple pleasures....great treasures. Makes life more interesting and shine.

21 May 2009

What to do to make a little difference in your day?

Answer : Do crafts. Make a quilt. A quilt is a labour of love. Anyone who hugs one or lies in bed with it, gets comforted. :-)

What makes Life

Growing up I learned that Life is what you make of it. I learned that we should take the time to love and appreciate the little things in life. It is the little and simple things that gives life more pleasures... and makes life fulfilled.

Best Things

The best things in life are handmades .....they are made with love!

Take the handmade pledge.

20 May 2009

Look what happens when I get bored

I tweeted on this particular project I ended up making when I got bored - a micro mini doll charm with a bottlecap body complete with legs and arms hanging from a ballchain necklace.
The top bottlecap actually has a message of Happy Birthday written on it. Will make a good birthday present, a wonderful keepsake to hang on the wall...not necessarily wear.

Feel Good

It is natural to feel good….especially when you are crafting! :-)

18 May 2009

I feel sad....

I feel sad today. I was one of those people who did not received Rudd's economic stimulus. Everyone in the family received a bonus except me. I dont understand why but what to do! Maybe there is something else more rewarding waiting to happen for me. I said to myself...well...money is not everything...just keep on crafting. This way I get consoled.

15 May 2009

Friday Again

Well, exactly one week since my last post. Looks like this is a friday thingy. Anyway, looking forward to a weekend of crafting and posting of new products in my website. I also am planning to finish off my cyber-friendship quilt.

14 May 2009


My family always has a special place in my heart….even when am crafting!


Why do I smile often? Why am I happy on the inside and out?

Answer : Because am C-R-A-F-T-ing!

Keep them coming....

Creative ideas and inspiration…keep them coming not only for a day but everyday.

13 May 2009

What sums up Soft Treasures?

Answer : Handmade items through quilts and softbooks... handpoured items through soy candles and expressing yourself... through handmade buttons !!! That sums up Soft Treasures !!

What the world needs now....is craft!

Hello world! I tweeted and now it's time to blog it.
... we need to take care of the world we live in and what the world needs now is Love..and Craft! Live, Love and Laugh through Craft !

Name a Business

Question : Name a business that is fulfilling, satisfying, pays just a little bit of money....but is rewarding.

Answer : Soft Treasures.

Welcome, winter!

...just when the other side of the world is heating up....down 'unda' we are coolin' down...

09 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Tomorrow, Sun, 10th of May is Mother's Day all over the world. I emphasize 'all over the world' because unlike 'Father's Day' where celebration depends on where you are in the world map, 'Mum' or 'Mom' or 'Mama' is a global celebration.

Have you ever really reflected, spared a moment or a minute of your time to think what does 'Mother's Day' really means to you, me and to everyone else? Is it just another chance to go out and have dinner or lunch or have a bbq picnic. What does it really mean?

So how about we all do it now.....spare a moment or a minute of silence and think about it.

Word Pillow for Mum

caring, loving, ray of sunshine, marvelous, thoughtful, heavensent, eternal, original....a word pillow for mum and to all mothers out there. The oval frame is where you iron-on a picture of Mum against a rose background.

08 May 2009

Friday, 08-May-2009

This morning I thought I would never say.....thank god it's friday... for I was looking forward to a crafty weekend. Now that am home.....cant think of anything crafty to do. My mind just went blank for crafty things and activities. Was it the ride on the train from work? Those noisy kids on the train who had nothing to do but shout with all their might scaring the oldies. Or is it because I am about to pay my bills for the month too. Who knows.

07 May 2009

My Cyber-Friendship Quilt

A friendship quilt is a way of connecting between friends and families. It is made up of fabric blocks usually signed by the person who contributed. These individual blocks are then pieced together to make a quilt. Sometimes it takes years for it to be completed but making one only has one purpose. To show how much they care for each other even through a quilt, it shows memories they have created as friends and families.

A cyber friendship quilt is similar to the traditional friendship quilt except that the fabric blocks or squares are graphic images or cliparts in pixels. If you want to contribute to the quilt, all you have to do is provide a quilt piece which are then added up to form a big quilt. Blocks or squares usually expresses thoughts, feelings or information for a specific subject or nominated theme.

My project is to create cyber friendship quilts. I am going to nominate several themes and will be inviting friends and families to contribute to the quilt they want to be a part of. Nominated themes could be about friendship, travel, hobbies, favourite food or if you are into nature your favourite landscape... all for fun! And what would really make it more impressive and memorable is if the images you submit are all your original works of art....your own ideas....your own friendship message and dedication....your own photos taken from your own camera. Each block that is contributed will have to be signed by the contributor.

This is a big challenge but am very excited...cant wait for it to start. More details to come....watch for it!

04 May 2009

Am I a crafter or a gardener

I love to craft but enjoy blogging about my garden and my favourite people living in the frontyard with my yuccas and cactus namely Juan, Loco, Paulo and Juanito.