04 July 2020

Handmade of the Day : Personalised Gifts - Personalised Succulents on a Chalkboard Pot

Today is something beautiful, something personal and something nice. A personalised succulent gift on a chalkboard pot for any occasion where you can scribble personal messages. The plant on the chalkboard pot is a Jade plant. Also known as a money plant, lucky plant and/or friendship plant. Easy to grow and look beautiful in gardens or pots. Its glossy leaves makes it a popular choice in any flower or plant arrangement. Makes a great bonsai arrangement.
Size of plant is about 30cms from the base of the pot to the tip of the plant. Actual jade plant is about 20cms measured from where the soil ended in the pot. Soil ends about 3cms from the tip of the chalkboard pot. Plant is about 23cm wide. Will make a great gift idea for that someone special on their special day. You can scribble your own personal message on the pot itself as shown on the image above using a normal chalk. Embellish it with a ribbon and it is ready to be given away as a present. Parcel will include 2 pcs of white chalks for you to use. Only one available at this time. Click on any of the images above to check it out.

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