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27-May-2014 :

Here is a picture of the Three sisters which my brother took while we were hiking from Echo Point towards this spot.

26-May-2014 :

Aside from our weekend bushwalking practices, I have also started to collect the things I need to bring in our trip. I think there is a minimum requirement of what things to bring especially when you are trekking such as first aid kits, clothes and for sleeping. One important thing to consider is the weight of the items you are bringing as I will be carrying these items myself while hiking and/or climbing. I would not want to bring heavy stuff. 

So far these are what I think are the items I would need for a comfortable hike. I also have my rainjacket which I can squeeze into my backpack if it does not rain. I still am waiting for my walking poles which I just ordered a couple of days ago.
And these are the first aid items - a first aid kit, plasters for blisters, sunscreen, insect repellents, panadol in case I have a headache and imodium for stomach problems.
I have ordered some dry quick pants and t-shirts and waiting for them to arrive. Hopefully they would fit.

25-May-2014 :

The past few months I have been busy preparing myself and with family for an upcoming 'once in a lifetime' adventure in Peru. We will be doing the 4-days-3 nights Inca Trek to Machu Picchu. Our weekends have been spent practicing via bushwalking, going uphill and downhill just to keep ourselves fit and ready for the 42kms walk in July and was told we have to do a total of about 10,000 steps going uphill. Here are some of the places we have been to for practice since we started our Bushwalking Club.

This is our ultimate goal which is going to be in July for 4 days and 3 nights.

And here are our weekly adventures which is helping us prepare, fitness and all. We prefer to do it on Saturdays in order to have a full rest on Sundays and make it to work on Mondays.

I think everyone knows about the Bondi to Coogee walk. We were fortunate to start early as there were less people doing the walk and we were able to get a free parking still at Bronte.

This was our very first bushwalking practice in late February. A regular 3 hour walk just to start us to get to used to rugged paths, going uphill and downhill. This was at the Bungoona Trail, Royal National Park. 

This was the Karloo track in the Royal National Park - 2-Mar - 2014. A total of about 4 hours walk uphill and downhill . After 1-1/2 hours, we ended up in the Karloo Pool. Maybe for some it would take them less than 4 hours but for us who were a bit slow it took longer.

We also did the Uloola Falls trail on the 4th of April,2014 but cant seem to find any picture but this. It seems to be mixed up with the Karloo track since if you do the whole circuit where you start from the Uloola Falls trail you can proceed to do the Karloo track. Took us another 5 hours where we started at Loftus and ended up in Engadine.
This is the big ledge on the Karloo track and where the kids were resting. This is the second time we did the Karloo track via Uloola Falls.
I dont think we have pictures of this activity instead my brother did a video using his GoPro.

On the 10th of May, we did the Honeymooners Track at Royal National Park which was a 3-hour full circuit walk. There was a flight of steps that we had to go through for about half an hour going down which brought us to the Audley fishing area. To go back up was another half-an-hour but for me going up is more difficult compared to going down so it took me longer. Another ten minutes added to the half-an-hour estimate.
We had a rest after the climb before proceeding back for another hour's walk to where we started. The view on this trail was picture perfect and this time there were just 4 of us as other members of the family could not make it.

This is where we spent our Sunday - 18-May-2014 - in Mermaid Pools Tahmoor (near Bargo). This was another 5 hours full circuit. Halfway there we saw this very beautiful Mermaid Falls from the top and it took us about another hour to get here. I think this was the most difficult of all bushwalking we have done so far as there was no track, we climbed big rocks and the grasses were quite high. 

This is where we were yesterday - 25-May-2014. We did the full Scenic World circuit which took us about 5 hours and the climax was the super steep Grand Staircase with 900 steps. This was from the bottom to the top of the Three sisters.

When I have the time, I will sort more pictures and post them and most especially with our Inca Trek and future Bushwalking adventures as we plan to continue on even after the Inca Trek and we seem to be getting more family members to join us. ☻♥☻

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