04 February 2018

My Idriess Garden

My Idriess Garden seems to be occupying much of the articles I have been writing lately that I have decided to create a separate blog for it to avoid confusion as to what Soft Treasures is really all about. Soft Treasures is about handmades I make which includes personalising succulents which comes from my garden. You will still see succulents on this blog when I let everyone know that I have new succulents and/or kits for sale.

To check out my personalise succulents and/or kits for sale, click here. To access my new blog about my Idriess Garden, please click here or click on the plant images I have on both sides of the navigation pane. Thank you.

"I like gardening. It is a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself."
               ~Alice Sebold ~

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