13 December 2017

A Homemade Christmas Tree and Clipped Santas

I have had these mini bowls  for a while now. They are handmades and made of porcelain given to me by my sister who makes them but I can not think of what to do with them until today when I was making fabric trees out of scraps.
I decided to use one of them as a base for my fabric christmas tree so it would stand on its own and here it is. If you would like to purchase one of my fabric christmas trees, all you have to do is click on the image below but they do not come with the bowl. If you want a bowl, let me know and I can sell one to you for $5.00. They are all handmade and made of porcelain.
Today I also made some Santa clips for my quilted advent calendars. I normally include a clothespin with a Santa head to indicate the dates. I have run out of the Santa clothespin and could not find Santa heads from dollar shops. So what I did I bought a few Santa decorations and attached the clothespin myself. 
Since there were only 3 santas left for sale I was able to make only 3 but I hope to make more soon for my advent calendars. To check out any of my quilted advent calendars for sale, click on the santa image above or click on the image below. This particular advent calendar uses the clothespin with Santa head. You can see it in one of the pockets of the calendar.

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