19 November 2017

D-I-Y Succulent Kits

This is what I always wanted to do. Create a succulent kit. You have seen my Christmas succulents where everything is potted. You can check them out here. Although succulents are great, there wasnt that much of a challenge for you.This time you start your own planting or collection of succulents through my D-I-Y Succulent kit. They are easy to plant and you do not need a garden to show them off. You can put them anywhere and make it a topic of your conversation with friends and family. With the kit comes a round tin filled with cacti potting mix and a clean cut of the succulent. You also get mini pebbles to cover the top of your plant. Below is a sample of the 'Money tree' kit -
 And this is how it would look like once planted and if you look after it, they would really grow into great succies.
 Another kit sample of a 'Jade plant' below -
Easy peasy. Check them out by a click on any of the images above and be brave. Start your own succulent garden.

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