21 October 2017

i-personalise chocolate wrappers

After 10 years I still am doing personalised chocolate wrappers. And this year I've got more design wrappers to choose from for birthdays, christmas, new year, valentines, celebrating friendship, family or for any other occasion even just for fun. I still enjoy making them and still using my old inkjet printer. Each wrapper sells for 75cents each. To check what wrappers are available, just click on the images of sample designs below - 
1) For birthdays -
 Birthday wrappers
2) for celebrating friendships -
 friendship wrappers
3) for family -
 Family wrappers
4) for special holidays & events such as Christmas -
 special holidays and events
5) and for any occasion even just for fun -
 for any occasion
Below are some samples of chocolate bars with personalised wrappers - again, just click on the images to check out other designs available - the chocolate bars I used and/or wrapped are the 40gms Fine chocolate bars being sold by Aldi. They come in packs of 5.  
1) Birthday bar -
2) Christmas and New year bars -

3) Valentine bar -
4) for any occasion and/or just for fun -
These personalised wrappers are being sold individually or in any number of wrappers you want. Size can be customised depending on the chocolate bar you are going to wrap. These wrappers are fully handmade and printed in high quality paper. Check them out now and give your family and friends personalised chocolate bars.

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