16 October 2017

Dunroven House Tea towels for sale

I used to get so stressed out with my work that I craved for crafting in order to relax and de-stressed myself and found it to be very helpful. I would find myself sewing a lot and even do some embroidery work and doing appliques on tea towels. Here is one I did on embroidery -
and a sample below of an applique work I did on a tea towel -
The crafting on tea towels became more interesting when I started to collect the Dunroven House tea towels. I have collected a lot of these tea towels that I have decided to sell them especially that I dont do much on appliques anymore. I thought if I sell them instead of just hoarding them in my cabinet it would help a lot in my charity work. It would help pay for the cost of distributing dresses to disadvantaged locations. So last week I listed on ebay the tea towels for $29.50 for a pack of 6 in 3 different colors plus postage of $10.00. As anyone who is into tea towels especially the Dunroven House ones, we all know that they are the best in quality. They measure 51cms x 71cms (20" x 28"), are made of 100% cottton and really great for embroidery and/or applique. Also washable and dryable.  These towels are also available from my website. Just click on the image below. Other types of tea towels will be listed soon.
If you prefer to check out these items in ebay, just click on the ebay link below -
Help make a difference in this world through my charity work for disadvantaged kids by checking out on these tea towels and make a purchase if you like them. It is a great way of hitting two birds with one stone. You get to create a treasure using the tea towels and at the same time provide clothing to the disadvantaged. Or perhaps you just want your kitchen to look more beautiful and creative by displaying and also used these tea towels. To know more about my charity work, please click here.

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