27 February 2015

Grow your heart 2x bigger....Sponsor a Dress

Hit two birds with one stone .... grow your heart 2x bigger. Please sponsor a dress. A dress for a disadvantaged girl or a pair of shorts for a less fortunate boy and at the same time give a better future for the people of Kalagi Uganda. Dress Sponsorships are especially for those who do not sew and wants to make a difference. 
Click on 'Dress for a 6-year old' or click on the link below -
Click on 'T-shirt/short set for a boy' - or click on the link below -
Click on 'Dress with sleeves' - or click on the link below -
Click on 'Dress with school starter kit' - 
Be the change you want to be. Sponsor a dress on behalf of someone on their special day...be it their birthday, wedding day, anniversary, graduation or any day...spread hope throughout the year for any occasion and make this world a better place with our Dress A Girl Australia donation cards.

Click on 'Dress A Girl Australia Donation Cards' - or click on the link below -http://www.dressagirlaustralia.com.au/new--dress-a-girl-well-donation-cards.html
Distributions are made whenever a need arises. Thank you.

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