13 October 2014

A creative life - Recycled Denim pockets

In between the normal tasks I do on weekends I decided to create something new out of an old pair of denim pants which I have started to cannibalize. I made this bag out of the denim pockets. The image below shows the front and the back of the bag. I have quite a few small buckles so I decided to embellish the bag with it and put some heart buttons.
The buttons I pinned on the bag are from my Dress A Girl button collection and 'Love the Earth' just to make the bag more colourful and fun. Be surprised but my wallet, phone and car keys actually fits inside. Well the denim pants is quite big so naturally the pockets are quite big too. Hope you like my recycled denim pocket bag.

Playing with paperdoll

Uh-oh. I must be on my way to a second childhood as last week this is what I made and have been playing with it and making real dresses. 
The dress is made out of the t-shirt cuts I used to make a t-shirt dress for Dress A Girl Australia. Instead of throwing the scraps away, I keep them just in case and now I am starting to make use of them. I need to make improvements on the dress though.  It is kind of difficult to put the dress on the paperdoll made of chipboard. The head, arms and legs of the paperdoll are movable. My plan is to make 3 sets of clothes, put them in a tin can or box and sell. Fingers crossed I would be able to make them. :-)

12 October 2014

Reviving Soft Treasures website

Finally it is here. I am and have revived my soft treasures website. It has been a long time to do it but finally it is here. To access - please click here or click on the image below -
The site is still a real one-stop-online-craft-shop for most, if not all, kinds of art and types of craft one can think of. Some of the items are hard-to-find, some are one-of-a-kind, some are easy-to-find but they all have one thing in common.......and that is......quality at its best! Go and check it out !!

06 October 2014

Embroidered Christmas Tree Ornaments for Sale

More handmade items for sale to help raise funds for postage ofr my self-funded charity work. I make dresses and/or accept dress donations to give to the less fortunate kids anywhere it is needed.

If you are into handmade and embroidered Christmas ornaments, please check out my embroidered Christmas Tree hanging ornament. Each ornament comes with a ribbon for easy hanging on the tree and temporarily attached to a card with a blank inside panel for personal messages and comes with a matching envelope for easy gift-giving.
Only a few items available. To check them out, click on the image above or please click on the link below. Proceeds go to a wonderful cause so spreading the word around will be much appreciated. Thank you.

02 October 2014

Crowdfunding T-shirt Drive campaign to raise funds

I always wanted to sell t-shirts but was not ready to invest money on something that may not sell although I always believe that selling t-shirts would probably be a better option than selling wines. I did not think it was a good idea to have stocks and stocks of slow-moving inventory in my garage.  So I started searching the internet hoping that I would find a more flexible option and discovered Teespring. 

Teespring allows to crowdfund customized t-shirts with zero hassle, zero upfront costs and zero risk. All I have to do is upload my art design, identify for how long the campaign is going to last (21 days is the longest) and start my campaign. If the goal is not reached after the campaign ends then there will be no charges made to those who have made reservations. If the goal is reached then the t-shirts ordered will be delivered within 14-21 days for international orders after the end of the campaign and shipping cost will be added. The shipping cost for international orders is $12.50 plus $4.00 for each additional t-shirt.

So here I am launching my first t-shirt drive campaign. The idea is to sell as many t-shirts as I can so I have priced the t-shirt as low as possible as it would allow me to and also to avoid tax implications. The selling price of $20.00 each plus shipping cost of $12.50 totalling $32.50 will be charged to you in US dollars so expect a higher amount when converted to Australian dollar. Probably about $36 Australian dollars at today's rate.

My goal is to sell a minimum of 50 t-shirts. I have selected 4 colours for my first t-shirt drive but the problem is each colour requires its own goal of 50 t-shirts to be sold but will see how it goes. The money I make from the sale of these 50 t-shirts will fund the cost of sending about 100 dresses to a location anywhere in the world. So I hope you would support me on this endeavour and help spread the word around. There will be more t-shirt drives with my own art design but for now this is it. The money you pay goes directly to Teespring and if this campaign is successful and the goal is reached, that is the only time that the net proceeds from the sale will be paid to me.

To reserve your t-shirt, here are the links to the t-shirt campaign drive - t-shirts are women's fit tee made of premium materials.

White colour - http://teespring.com/dressagirlaustralia
Or you can go straight to my teespring shop and make your choice from there -

The campaign starts today and will end on the 22nd of October. So please check them out and if you like a t-shirt to submit your reservation now. And do not forget to spread the word around. Thank you.

Quilted Advent Calendars for sale

Every year I try to come up with new advent calendar designs. Great keepsakes to give at Christmas time for kids and adults alike. All my fabric calendars are either machine and/or hand-quilted, all 100% cotton and double-stitched on the edges. Because they are handmade, quantities are very limited and could be one-of-a-kind. 

I try to make my quilted advent calendars as fun to use for everyone and sometimes include surprises for kids to enjoy and help them learn how to count or keep track of days in a month and re-usable every Christmas season. As a Christmas bonus, the dowel is included in your purchase so you can easily hang the advent calendar. To access these wonderful handmade items, please click on the image below or click here.
Proceeds from the sale of these handmade items go to a wonderful cause so please help spread the word about it.

For more details about Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia, please click here or check out my facebook page here.