09 April 2014

These guys are coming !!

These guys are coming soon and will try to help Dress A Girl Australia 'shake for a better world'. 
An exciting opportunity to help make a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged children around the world. Sew.....watch out for it !!

06 April 2014

New Handmade Products now available in online store

It is time to introduce my new products especially at this time where I have a fundraising project going on. I've got two new products and the first one are my new handmade dolls. A vintage or country-looking teddy bear, dammit dolls, a normal looking doll and Mama's fabric bust great for Mother's Day - 
The fabric bust which comes with an easel for support sells for $20.00 and the rest of the dolls and the country teddy bear sells for $15.00 each. Click on the image above or click here to check them out. They are all made of 100% cotton fabrics and stands approximately 15cms tall.

The second item on the list is my 'A is for Apple' magnetic blocks for small kiddies to enjoy learning the alphabets, numbers 0 to 9, a few shapes and animals. It comes in a tin and the magnetic blocks are about 5cms x 5cms in size with full magnets at the back of each block. This activity-based toy sells for $19.95 each. A real value for money considering the cost of magnets these days.
Click on the image above or click here to check it out. Proceeds from the sale of any of these items go to a very worthwhile cause so please make a purchase if there is anything you like. Thank you.

To visit my on-line store, please click here. To know more about Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia, please click here.