06 April 2014

New Handmade Products now available in online store

It is time to introduce my new products especially at this time where I have a fundraising project going on. I've got two new products and the first one are my new handmade dolls. A vintage or country-looking teddy bear, dammit dolls, a normal looking doll and Mama's fabric bust great for Mother's Day - 
The fabric bust which comes with an easel for support sells for $20.00 and the rest of the dolls and the country teddy bear sells for $25.00 each. Click on the image above or click here to check them out. They are all made of 100% cotton fabrics and stands approximately 15cms tall.

The second item on the list is my 'A is for Apple' magnetic blocks for small kiddies to enjoy learning the alphabets, numbers 0 to 9, a few shapes and animals. It comes in a tin and the magnetic blocks are about 5cms x 5cms in size with full magnets at the back of each block. This activity-based toy sells for $20.00 each. A real value for money for your special girl or boy to enjoy. 
Click on any of the images above to check them out or on any of the links below -

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