23 April 2014

Cards for You online shop

Almost 8 years ago I had a real one-stop-online-craft-shop for all kinds of art and types of craft one can think of. Soft Treasures was a very well maintained online shop as I was not working at that time. When I went back to work full-time and no longer had the option to work from home I started to neglect the site to the point that it was almost non-functional. 

These days I am trying to revive the site again especially that I am using all proceeds from the sale to fund my charity work Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia. Soft Treasures used to have about 10 divisions of different arts and craft category. So far I have revived 4 of them and the latest of which is the Handmade cards for you. No need to provide more info as the name is self-explanatory. An online shop of handmade cards when you only want to give the best of handmade cards to that someone special in your life.
Please check out this site and if there is anything you like, make a purchase as the proceeds from the sale of any of the cards goes to a very worthwhile cause. Everyday I try to update it with new cards and cards from the previous site. 

To access the shop, please click on the image above or click here. And help spread the word around.

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