15 March 2014

Soft Treasures blog will remain on this site

It was just last week that I wrote that this site will no longer be updated but now I have changed my mind. It will take a lot of time to be posting in several blogs I am better off if I continue posting here anything I can think of to post whether it is about my new products, about my charity work or about my garden. So any updates on what is a day like to be a crafter will remain on this site. This is where I will be doing postings and in a more regular basis.

What I did break up though are my on-line shops as it was easier to maintain and not confusing to anyone who would like to make a purchase. Products are easily found. Although I have not finish splitting them, here are the links to my new on-line shops that are now open. The links are also available on the right navigation pane.

1) For my handmades and other craft supplies -
2) For the digital cliparts including cliparts for charity -

3) For the badge-making section - it is now called 'Creativity with Buttons' -

4) And anything related to my Dress A Girl Australia charity work -

More links will be made available once the sites are open. When postings are made for new products or updates, links will be provided so you would know which shop to go.

All proceeds from the sale of any items in any of the sites will go to the postage fund of my Dress A Girl Australia charity work. For some items, it will go to the fundraising program I am currently running to raise money to build a Dress A Girl Australia well to provide clean water and hope for the future to the people of Kalagi Uganda. So if there is anything you like, please make a purchase as proceeds are going to a very worthy cause. Although I receive clothing donations from people who want to make a difference in addition to the dresses I make, there is only me who does all the work including admin tasks so all the money I receive goes to the fund of my charity. Thank you.

And please click here for the link to the official blog of my Dress A Girl Australia charity work.

There will be small postings of articles on this site which I have previously posted in the other blogs just to give everyone an update.

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