15 March 2014

Dress A Girl Australia Well in Kalagi Uganda by Soft Treasures

Soft Treasures in partnership with Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia is wishing for a well to be built in Kalagi Uganda for clean water and hope for a better future for the people of the community. For this reason, proceeds from the sale of any item in Soft Treasures' sarisariwebstore will be donated (unless indicated otherwise)  to the fund raising campaign of Dress A Girl Australia until such time that the target amount of $10,500 is achieved.

If there is anything you like, please make a purchase as the proceeds of the sale goes to a very worthwhile cause. I feel more comfortable if you buy something from my shop and the proceeds donated to the cause. At least you receive something in return for your kindness and generosity.

For more details on the Dress A Girl Australia well, please click here.

If you want to help in making this wish happen in 2014 please click on the image below -
Thank you in advance and please help spread the word around.

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