07 February 2013

Flowering Yuccas again

Before I used to blog a lot about my garden until there wasnt that much time to spare to talk about it. Today I am going to show off again the yuccas I have in my front yard which is back in action of flowering.  Here they are and arent they gorgeous. They say that flowering yuccas bring good luck but once a yucca has produced flowers it will then start to die but these couple of yuccas has been growing and the last 5 years has been flowering at least once a year and especially during the summer season.
They surely will be missed if ever they are going to die.

03 February 2013

Tree of Hearts to celebrate the month of February

It is February, the month of love and I made a tree of hearts. When I told a friend of mine that this weekend I will be crafting hearts, literally I was making hearts to hang in my tree of hearts. I printed several kinds  of heart images using an inkjet shrink film and placed them in an oven and these are the hearts I ended up with. They vary in size between 1 to 2 inches.
Then I took one of the tins I saved for decoupaging( have several of them stored somewhere in my garage) and decoupaged a napkin with 'love' prints.
I placed a string on each of the hearts I made and hang them in an artificial berry vine. I had 6 artificial vines which I bought from a dollar shop. And here is my tree of hearts -
 I further embellished my tin can with a cream-coloured fabric lace which unfortunately is not so clear in the picture. On top of the tin can are small pebbles which I got from my garden
If you are interested to purchase shrink films, I have them available in both the standard and inkjet printable. The standard is where you draw the image yourself. This will be made available in my online store in the next few days or you can send me an email.

Creative Life Week 52 - Terrarium of Succulents

It is time to close off my one year of creative life in 2012 most especially that my plants have grown. Lately other things have kept me so busy but in my early days of blogging I used to blog about my garden. So am closing of my 2012 creative journey with several terrariums of succulents I did. The plants have grown a little after using the right soil so I transferred them to clear jars. Now that Christmas is really over, my fabric nativity set is back in its plastic case and gets stored for the next 11 months
And here are images of my terrariums which has now taken over the spot left vacant by my fabric nativity set -

 These mini pots were made by my sister. They were rejected as the quality of the pots are not good enough to sell so I took them and planted more succulents. The mini houses you see on the pictures were also made by her. I am hoping that this year I will be able to find the time to make mini houses using my small kiln as I actually bought the kiln about 5 years ago to use and not to decorate. :-)
I hope you liked the creative things I did in 2012 and I look forward to making more things in 2013.