19 October 2013

New products at Handmades by Soft Treasures

Now that all markets scheduled for the year 2013 is finished, I can now concentrate on updating this website with more of my handmade products and also new items. I have sidelined a lot of new items for the children to give priority to markets and had been busy both on my Monday to Friday job which is my breadwinner and also on my volunteer community work of Dress A Girl(Around the World) Australia, well this time I will be focusing on children's activity books. Although the chances of them becoming a bestseller in my shop is minimal as they would be a little bit expensive and not as people would think they would be (since a lot of people think that because they are handmade they should be cheap) I still like and enjoy making items for kids. 

So watch out for it fellows! Most of the new items should be out before Christmas.

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