29 December 2012

Australian-themed fabric for my first quilt of the year

I bought this fabric when I went to a craft shop last month to buy some interfacing. I did not realize they were on sale and it turned out that this fabric was only about $4.00/metre after a 50% discount more on an already discounted price with a width of 100cms. At the time I bought the fabric I didnt know what to do with it.

We are only 3 days away from a new year 2013 and my weekly creativity is about to end (2 more creations to be posted very soon). I have decided not to do another year of creativity but I will be doing one quilt a month for the next twelve months. It will not be big quilts as I want to be able to finish it within the month. Besides I have no space to store very large quilts. And since I already have so many quilts and quilted wallhangings, I may sell whatever I make to raise funds for my charity...that is if someone would like to purchase my creation. :-)

Here is the first fabric I have chosen for my first quilt for the year 2013. January will be Australian-themed quilt.
My quilts will just be simple, nothing fancy. Sizes will vary between 30cms x 30cms to a lap-sized quilt depending on the design and time I have to make it. I really hope I have the time to complete it in a month.

27 December 2012

Creative Life Week 50 - Mini Fabric 2013 Calendars

My third to the last project for my creative life journey. Am trying to finalize the last 2 and will be posted very soon. 

The year's journey would not also be complete without a calendar for the new year so I made these two calendars out of a 100% quilting cotton fabric panel I had about garden and friendship. This time I made a small pocket (as part of the micro mini wallhanging) so the calendar can easily be inserted and easily refillable for the future years. I used to make this for my personal use and I would just adhere the calendar using a double adhesive tape. This time I made it more sophisticated by creating a pocket. The wallhanging measures about 10cms(w) x 16cms(h) and the actual calendar is about 8cms x 4.25cms. It is double-stitched on the edges and backed by a 'quilt for a cure' 100% quilting cotton fabric.
These are the two fabric calendars I made - comes with a ribbon for easy hanging
and here is how the pocket looks like where the actual calendar is inserted -
These items are available in my online shop for $6.00 each. Here is the link for anyone who is interested.

24 December 2012

Merry Christmas to all!!

Wishing one and all a very Merry Christmas!!

Handmade Christmas 2012

It is Christmas once again and time to re-post these handmades - my favourites. It took me almost half-an-hour of shooting since I wanted to get a picture with lights on it. Finally I was able to picture the fabric nativity with a light flashing, lights on the quilted fabric christmas tree and lights on the whole fabric nativity setup but no flashing light on the angel. The fourth image is how the whole ensemble looks like without lights.
I am going to enjoy these Christmas decorations for the next two weeks and it will go back to their spot inside my wooden chest.

23 December 2012

Creative Life Week 49 - My Handmade Christmas Tree

Creativity for the year will not be complete without a handmade Christmas tree and that is what I did for creative life Week 49. The tree which is made of MDF wood was made by my sister. I created the balls to decorate the tree. Here is the tree -
and here are the nine Christmas balls I made and added some glass heart ornaments which I was going to use for a decoupage project. Since I wasnt going to use it yet I added a ribbon so I can hang each heart glass on the tree.
I did balls filled with M&M chocolates, balls filled with a 10 dollar bill note, three balls filled with pompoms in different colors and I also placed a ribbon, a ball with a ribbon embellished with heart brads and I put in a couple of mini fabric roses, a ball with the words 'Believe, Inspire, Create' embellished in a strap which one can actually used as a wrist or fabric bracelet and glass hearts. The balls filled with M&M chocolates and bill notes are Christmas presents for my nieces and nephews. For a change from putting the notes in envelopes, I thought something different for this year and I used the plastic balls and tied a ribbon to close the balls.

I embellished the tree with battery-operated christmas lights and here is the result of the lighted Christmas tree although I think there are too many lights for the small tree. :-)
Hope you like my handmade Christmas tree.