25 August 2012

Creative Life Week 33 - Lavender Dresses and Car Fresheners

It is dress distribution time again in another 6 weeks for my Dress A Girl Australia charity work and in less than 3 months, it is time for Dress A Girl Australia's Christmas bags so I need to come up with new ideas to make to raise more funds. And this is what I just did for my creative life week 33.

Wrapped in a dress are small lavender bags and car fresheners. Depending on how long the lavender and/or car fresheners would expire, they are easy to replace. All you have to do is remove each item from the dress and replace with new ones.
Dress A Girl Car Freshener
Dress A Girl Lavender Dresses

Dress measures about 11cms x 14cms long. Dress A Girl logo is printed on an inkjet iron-on fabric sheet and I had them ironed-on in the front panel of each dress. 

Dress A Girl Lavender dresses sell at $6.50 each and Car Fresheners sell for $5.00 each. Postage is $0.60 per item and both are available in my online shop.

Another Fabric Doll Pennant with different button head expressions

I love making buttons so I thought I would make another one of my fabric doll pennant. This doll pennant has different sets of button heads. A pennant with a replaceable button head to express the mood you are in at any given day. You attached your picture on the applique flower and write your name on the bubble talk.

Sizes are similar to the first doll I created and posted here (blog title "Fabric Pennant Doll"). Pocket at the back of the pennant for button heads to be stored. Available in my on-line shop at $39.95 plus postage of $10.00. Comes with a bonus dowel with stopends for easy hanging on the wall.

23 August 2012

Fabric Doll Pennant

Am not really a doll person but I like the idea of paper dolls where you can easily changed what it is wearing. This creation of mine was born out of my fondness for buttons. I use buttons to express my mood at any time during the day. And using the concept of paper dolls where you change what it wears, this doll has a permanent attire but replaceable heads using buttons. You changed the button head depending on how you feel during any given day. And all you have to do is remove the button and replace it with a new one and attached it in the space where the head is supposed to be. The button is held by a hidden magnet. 
The pennant measures about 41cms x 29cms(widest point) and the body of the doll measures about 15cms x 9cms made of recycled fabric. The applique flower has a diameter of 9cms and at the center is a space for a picture of the owner of the pennant and whose mood is being expressed using a 57mm button. The bubble talk has the message of 'Hello, my name is ----" where you write down your name and pointing to the picture. It also comes with a handmade ceramic heart measuring about 4cms x 2.5cms.

The fabric doll pennant comes with 5 free buttons and is kept in a pocket found at the back of the pennant.
The 5 free buttons are 'I'm the boss' when you feel like being bossy, 'I'm a big sister' if you feel like being nice to a younger brother, a happy face, princess and 'whatever' when you are annoyed. 

This pennant is available in my on-line shop for $39.95 plus $10.00 postage. 

13 August 2012

Handmade 'Thank You' Card

This time a simple creativity in the form of a handmade 'thank you' card for my creative life week 32. In different fonts, different colors, different sizes and the words 'thank you' in different languages.
Size of card is the standard folded size of 155mm x 110mm in plain white and comes with a matching white envelope.

Available in my on-line shop @1.75 each. Discounts provided for bulk purchases. More handmade cards will be made available very soon. 

11 August 2012

Fabric Certificates for the best dads in the world - Sep 2

In less than 3 weeks (Sep 2) Australia will be celebrating Father's Day. A special day that will give us all a chance to show our respect and love for the man who sometimes comes in second after mum. 

Every year I create special handmade items for all Dads. For this year, I have again made my favourite item. The fabric certificate wallhanging to give to any Dad out there on their special day. Have six selections to choose from. If you dont want Dad to hang the certificate on the wall, it is also frameable. 
Come and check them out in my online gallery. These fabric certificates are one of a kind and sells from $2.00 to $4.95 plus $2.00 postage within Australia and $4.85 for postage outside of Australia.

10 August 2012

Giant Tags for all your crafting needs

Digital tags with unique images for all your crafting needs whether for gift-giving, scrapbooking, journals, card-making or any craft project you can think of for any occasions. Tags can be printed for as many times as you like which is a huge savings. 
Here are some samples for special occasions tags  such as birthday for a special friends or for Dad's special day
Girly Tags for any occasion -
Or you can try our valentine tags

04 August 2012

"Happy" Tree Quilted Organizer

Only less than 4 weeks to go for the Dreamers Market and am doing a marathon of handmades to sell to help me raise funds for my Dress A Girl Australia community work I am doing. By the time months ending with 'ber' starts, Christmas time will be just around the corner.

Last week I made this appliqued "Happy" Tree Wallhanging which is also an organizer. The 'happy' buttons are detachable to make it easy for the future owner of the wallhanging to replace it with something else (i.e. could be family pictures or other buttons).

Quilted Organizer measures 38cms x 48cms. Pocket measures 38cms x 11cms divided into 3 sub-pockets. 'Happy' buttons are sized about 25mm and the tree measures about 19cms x 21cms(widest and tallest points). Comes with bonus dowel for easy hanging. 

Sells for $39.95 only at my on-line gallery.

More Digital Cards @ $1.00 per set

More digital cards available in my shop for your cards and scrapbooking crafting needs. Each set on sale @ $1.00. Digital cards can be printed as many times as you want for any occasion and just imagine how much you will save printing them on your own.
Sets that can be used for any celebrations such as Christmas, birthdays, easter -
Baby Cards and Baby Card starter picture frames
Cupcakes and cupcake card starter frames
Little Beauties
Click here to check out these great digital images.

02 August 2012

New ClipArts in Chubby Cubby

19 sets of Chubby Cubby images @$1.50 per set for all your crafting needs. Great for greeting cards for any occasion. Great selections for Christmas, Easter, Valentines, baby shower, bathtime and so much more.

New blocks are also available with 4 individual sets included in each block. Each block 4 sets for the price of 3. Each block @ $4.50 each. The whole set of 19 can also be purchased at the special price of $18.95. A big savings with each individual set costing under a dollar each.
Chubby Cubby Collection
Baby Chubby Cubby Block Collection
Fun Activities Chubby Cubby Block Collection
Girly Chubby Cubby Block Collection
Special Occasions Chubby Cubby Collection
All new images available for purchase at my online shop. Proceeds from sale goes to a very wonderful cause so please help spread the word about this digital images and cliparts.