01 April 2012

Creative Life Week 14 - More Decoupaged Eggs

For this week I made more decoupaged eggs to welcome and celebrate the season of Easter.  Since I work full time during the day, most of the handcrafting I do are usually done at night including taking pictures of the handmades so sometimes the images are not so clear.

Big and small eggs, dotted and printed here they are. This time I used big and small egg-shaped foams. They have all been finished with acrylic sealer to protect the decoupaged area.
And here are all the decoupaged eggs I have made in a tray made of hemp which I covered with plain fabric. They were made using foam eggs and papier mache.
Am now on week 14 and still creating although not as quick to post them as I can but still hanging on to my 52 weeks of creative journey.

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