12 January 2012

Site makeover

Site makeover is going on in softtreasures.com website. An automatic checkout will now be available once the changes are completed. Checkout payments will be processed via paypal only. If you prefer to make a bank deposit payment, then you will still need to let us know by sending an email to softtreasures@bigpond.com. Provide us with the details of the item you are intending to purchase and quantity. We will then send you an invoice with the bank details for deposit payment.

Two new sites are available for anyone to visit :

Sarisari Webstore - site to buy real handmades, real treasures to keep. This time you can stop wondering if someone makes them, wish that someone really makes them? 'handmades by softtreasures' ...products of Soft Treasures' creativity.

or copy and paste the URL below -

Dress A Girl Australia - site that sells all items donated by family, friends, small business shops, mums who love crafts to Dress A Girl Australia to help raise funds for postage to dress the less fortunate children around the world.

or copy and paste the URL below -

For more information about Dress A Girl Australia, please visit

or send an email to

Check out these two interesting sites. You may find something that you will like.

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