14 January 2012

Creative Life Week 2 - Decision Making

It is only week 2 of my creative life for the next 52 weeks and am already wondering what is going to keep me motivated to keep this project going. Haha! Anyway, I have decided to go for 2 projects for the next 52 weeks.
First project is something that I am going to do regardless of whether I was going to opt for a creative life for the next 52 weeks or not. Dress A Girl Australia is a charity work am doing very close to my heart. Last year I did a couple of daily sewing marathons running for 28 days each making pillowcase dresses for the less fortunate children around the world so I could have more dresses to distribute in addition to the donations I was receiving from the community. This year, my goal is to make sure I sew 2 items a week (a pillowcase dress for a girl and a pair of shorts for the boys) for the next 52 weeks. This will be in addition to any sewing marathons I would decide to hold anytime during the year. What this means is that for the year 2012, Dress A Girl Australia is assured of 52 pillowcase dresses and 52 pairs of shorts from Soft Treasures. The materials will be coming from the heaps of pillowcases and bundles of fabrics I have been receiving as donations to Dress A Girl Australia. This is my personal journey which I started April of last year and I hope to continue on for as long as I have pillowcases and fabrics to make into dresses. There will be other exciting activities that Dress A Girl Australia is planning to create in 2012 to make a difference in this world and make this world a better place so watch out for it.
My second project is what I would call my creative journey. Become creative or find and create projects for the next 52 weeks. As I have said I have never done this before but I am willing to take on the challenge and see what I am capable of and where my limits are up to. Although limited only by one’s imagination, I know the the possibilities of creating are endless.
What a very busy year I have ahead of me. This is really going to test my stress levels. Don’t forget that in addition to these journeys I do have a full-time job from Monday to Friday which I also enjoy and commitments to family and friends….but bring it on !

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