13 January 2012

Creative Life Week 1 - Planning & Preparation through Art Prompts

What motivated me to challenge myself with this new year's resolution?
With the number of write-ups I have been reading from different craft and mixed media books and magazines endorsing a year of creativity as a new year’s resolution, this prompted me to participate on this year-long project. I used the term participate because there is possibly a lot of crafters and hobbyist all over the world doing their own version of this project on their own or in groups. I have been known to have great ideas to craft or to handmake among family and friends but they always stayed in my head, felt happy that I have thought and talk about it. This time I am willing to take the risk or the challenge of actually doing them. 
For this very reason, this is the jar that is going to help me attain my goal for 2012. I am going to call it my Art Prompts jar. I printed the label from a writeup in a Cloth Paper Scissors magazine who is recommending a year of creativity as well.

On this jar will contain ideas of what to create in a particular day or week for a whole year. Where would these ideas come from? Everywhere. Every now and then, if I think of something good to create or see good ideas from craft books or magazines, I would write it on pieces of paper and drop on this jar. On days and/or weeks when my mind would go blank for ideas, I would pick one from this jar. Wouldnt that be great as a motivator?
Everything and anything I do will be posted on this site. This fabric journal would also help me throughout the year. 
So I guess it is time to start my year of creativity. It is time to rock! :-)

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