23 April 2011

Earth Day Buttons

This is the 2" x 2" 'Green' quilt panel I created for the International Fiber Collaborative Dream Rocket project. I wanted to create buttons to celebrate 'Earth' Day and could not think of an image to use when I remembered my 'Green' quilt panel. Why not use the images on the panel and create individual buttons. That is what I did and here they are all 10 'Earth Day' buttons. Below is my 2" x 2" 'Green' quilt panel -

Here are the 'Earth Day' buttons I created out of the quilt panel -

These buttons are available in size 38mm (1-1/2") from my on-line gallery at $2.00 each. Click here to enquire on different button sizes and other buttons types such as magnetic buttons, keychains or as pocket mirror buttons or pocket mirror keychain.

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